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Runes of Magic. Выпущен patch 1844

Официальное описание патча (eng):

New Features

Capture the Runes (aka "Capture the Flag")

A new PvP arena has been added to the game. Here are the rules:

Two teams (6 players a side, "blue" vs. "red") try to capture the enemies rune.

A team needs to achieve 3000 points to win the game.

Every successful capturing of a rune earns the team 500 points.

Every team gets 10 points every 15 seconds.

For each defeated enemy player the winner gets 25 points Honour. For repeated kills the same enemy grants less points.

Every player of the winning team gets 100 Honour points.

Lv 50 Elite Skill

New quest for Elite Skill (Lv50)

Ystra Labyrinth

New version of Ystra Labyrinth - Lvl, value and drop items of monsters adjusted.

New daily quest for Ystra Labyrinth.

New region quest for Ystra Labyrinth.

Error Modification


Fixed the bug for requirement error in summary - ?Archers from the Northeast?

Mini map will show Luanda's location with red spot correctly now - The Council President's Request.

The grill will no longer disappear - Crafty Bernok

The tank will fill with water now - Get Some Fresh Water

Suitable Tree can be clicked now. - Breeding

Fixed the bug for the requirement error and corrected the information with reality requirement - High Quality Meat Stew

Requirement Item: Changed to 5 Bitterleaf from 3 Pure Bitterleaf Extract. -Materials for Mending

Crafting: The amount of material necessary to craft level 2 recipes has been reduced.


Increase cool down 10 seconds - Lv35 Elite Skill Opportunity

Changed the instruction of Searing Light (Lv 45 Elite Skill): This effect is mutually exclusive with Poisonous.)

Increase Magical Critical Hit Rate to 30 points from 3 points - Lv20 Elite Skill Fire Arrow

Fixed the bug of Meteor Shower (Mage) would produce Debuff of Mind Attack while target is illegal.

Fixed the bug of Wound Attack can not cause additional damage correctly while target is Bleeding or Grievous Wound...

Weapon- and Defense skills

The weapon and defense ranks now are taken into account when calculating damage and damage-reduction. Previously the results of damage-calculation were either too low or too high.

Priests' group heals now cause more aggro.

"Enhanced Fishscale Leg Armor" - the additional +3 Int-Bonus has been removed.

"Bloodlust Cleaver" - the item has now been renamed to "Blood-Thirsty Battle Axe".

The item can only be sold to NPC merchants.


Increase the drop number of guild runes beyond Elite monsters. Except all original monsters, Elite monsters have chances to drop more guild runes.

Fixed the statement of Farm and Forge (Guild Castle Manager): using only for 5 people.

Our grocers' now offer Lettuce and Celery

Added thousands separator for currency value.

The time to mount a mount has been reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.

Tempest height: Crates will now appear after each monster-kill. You no longer need Tempest Soul Stones to open them.

Item Shop

Fixed the icon mistake of Wild Horned Lion Mount and Icy Horned Lion Mount

Fixed the icon mistake of Sharp-Horned Black Rhinoceros Mount.

New 4 Rhinoceros and 9 Boar mounts at item shop.

New string of Time remaining Potion - Effect duration also includes offline time.

Fixed the Bound mistake for decorative Pet Box

Modified the string of Send Present: You receive a present and confirm the receipt in the mailbox.


Windrunner Manager has longer hair and color changed ...

Chain Armor Merchant in Varanas City changed to normal Chain Armor appearance.

Fixed the bug for a name mistake - Fruit of Extra Experience

Fixed the bug for the buff icon and naming mistake - Fruit of Extra Experience.


"Soft Spot" has been renamed to "Open Flank".

"Accurate Energy" has been renamed to "Concentrated Precision"

"Pursuing Shot" has been renamed to "Exploiting Shot".

"Lion Power" has been renamed to "Power of the Lion".

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