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Изменения в версиях 0.9.2 (b,c)

Изменения в версиях 0.9.2 (b,c)
Path of Exile - Изменения в версиях 0.9.2 (b,c)Изменения в версиях 0.9.2 (b,c)

Изменения в бете в Сентябре.

Version 0.9.2


Added new skill prototype - "Explosive Arrow": Fires an arrow which inflicts a short duration fuse charge on the enemy. Applying additional charges extends the duration. When the target dies or the fuses expire, the charges explode, dealing fire splash damage to nearby enemies.

Added new skill prototype - "Temporal Chains": Curses all targets in an area, making time pass more slowly for them. They will move, attack and cast at a reduced speed and effects on them expire slower.

Added new skill prototype - "Elemental Weakness": Curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to elemental damage and more vulnerable to elemental status effects.

Added new skill prototype - "Warlord's Mark": Curses all targets in an area. Attacks on the cursed targets will leech life and mana, and killing them will result in more flask charges and a chance to gain an endurance charge.

Added new skill prototype - "Punishment": Curses all targets in an area, causing them to suffer some of the physical damage they deal with their attacks.

Added new skill prototype - "Enfeeble": Curses all targets in an area, making their attacks less effective.

Added new skill prototype - "Critical Weakness": Curses all targets in an area, making them more vulnerable to critical strikes.

Added new skill prototype - "Projectile Weakness": Curses all targets in an area, making them easier for projectiles to pierce and easier to knock back, while reducing their evasion against projectiles.

Added new skill prototype - "Vulnerability": Curses all targets in an area, making them take increased damage from physical attacks and degeneration, and easier to stun. The target's energy shield will regenerate more slowly.

Added functionality for cut-throat leagues. We'll test this with some events in the near future!

Added user interface elements to show the life totals of party members in your instance.

Projectiles should only collide with chests now if they would open them.

Further improvements to the new user interface.

Added new Portal art.

Enabled a lot of new music for many areas.

The outlines around friendly entities are now green rather than red.

Added new loading screen art/layout.

Increased the size of the chat box.

Many website forum improvements.

Disabled the ability to lift flasks in the HUD version of the belt. Now you won't accidentally drop them while playing. Either mouse button can be used to drink from them now.

Made monster description text easier to read.

Reduced the grass in some areas of Act Two to improve performance on older hardware. This is being investigated.

Added proper support for 1280x1024 and other similar resolutions.

Dropping items with skill gems in them will warn you.

Added crash dump reporting.

The Dark Forest now has a spidery entrance to the Weaver's Chambers.

Substantial incremental improvements to areas, environments, effects and sounds.

Overhauls to the look and feel of many Act Two environments.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a memory leak with the shader compiler. Areas will now not become progressively slower to load. This may reduce "out of memory" errors as well.

Fixed some bugs with monster spawning in dungeons.

Fixed a bug where moving the client from one monitor to another would crash.

Fixed a bug where players would receive the "Surgeon's" Flask bonus more than once per action.

Frenzy no longer grants frenzy charges for shooting Frost Walls.

Spell critical strike chance is now shown on the character screen.

Fixed a crash with Frost Wall.

Fixed some font position issues with the chat box.

Fixed a bug where UI buttons could get stuck down.

Fixed a bug with Shock Nova's damage calculation if the area of effect was increased.

Fixed some issues with socket colours on ground item hovers.


Most important balance changes are coming in 0.9.3 (the major balance patch). There are plenty of planned balance improvements that are not addressed in this 0.9.2 patch, because we can do them better with the new balance in 0.9.3.

Significantly reduced the mana cost scaling of most skills at higher levels

Added a five level grace period above the player where monsters still give full experience.

Reduced bow-monster damage by 30%.

Removed "Spell damage %" from spawning on some types of items.

Changed high-quality versions of "Multiple Projectiles" and "Faster Projectiles" support gems to have increased cast speed as well as attack speed.

Reduced overall drop rate of items slightly. Also reduced drop rate of equipment slightly in favour of currency items.

Reduced size of most direct mana passive skills by 20%.

Doubled the stack sizes of all currency items.

Reduced the amount of Critical Strike Chance per Power Charge from 3% to 2%.

"Elemental" now doesn't include chaos damage any more.

Made boss (magic/rare/unique) monsters more dangerous. 0.9.3 will further address this issue.

Sweep is now affected by increased area of effect stats.

Cleave now has less of a penalty when dual wielding.

Reduced upper Shock Nova damage by 30%.

Fireball splash damage is now centered on the monster itself, rather than the point of impact (which was in front of the monster).

Increased Fireball's splash area of effect and increased its damage by 23%.

Increased the damage of Sweep, Ice Nova, Ice Spear and Phase Run's melee damage bonus.

Changed Sweep's quality bonus from knockback distance to increased attack speed.

Massively increased Cold Snap's chill duration bonus.

Reduced the mana cost of Elemental Hit.

Reduced the cast time of Phase Run.

Viper Strike, Poison Arrow, Infernal Blow and Glacial Hammer do more damage at higher levels than before.

Increased Blood Rage's life leech at low levels and decreased the damage it deals you at lower levels.

Reduced the number of flasks charges gained on Critical Strike for both Surgeon's and Avenger's mods.

Version 0.9.2b
Added the ability to ignore a character. Type /ignore charactername (or /unignore charactername). Currently you can't view the list of who you've ignored yet. You can also right click on someone in chat and select "Ignore".

Fixed a bug where experience was being calculated incorrectly.

Fixed the volume of many ambient sounds that were too loud.

Removed Mud Flats ambient sounds from all Maelstrom of Chaos areas.

Updated the description of Explosive Arrow to describe that the area of effect of the explosion is proportional to the number of fuse charges.

Fixed the way that the length of curses are described, to be clearer.

Improved the portal graphics slightly.

Added new mouse cursor.

Version 0.9.2c
Changing areas in game should now be substantially faster.

When a player enters an area, they are now placed in the game world much later in the load (for their safety).

Added a five second grace period of invulnerability when entering an area. This is cancelled if you perform any action.

Fixed the experience calculation (again).

Fixed a bug where buffs that are already on a player when entering the area were not displayed.

Fixed the disconnection-on-lag code so that it won't disconnect people who take too long to load. It should now disconnect you no more than seven seconds after your connection has dropped.

Fixed a bug where the Critical Weakness curse would prevent critical strikes from doing damage.

Made new cursor larger.

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