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Achievements for Gmod

Achievements for Gmod это система достижений как в Team Fortress 2 или Half Life 2: Episode 2.

Achievements for Gmod
Garry's Mod - Achievements for GmodAchievements for Gmod

Как установить:

Распаковать садержимое в папку garrysmod/addons.

Как использовать:

Для просмотра свои достижений в игре нажмите F4.

Список достижений - Achievements:

1.21 JIGAWATTS - Drive the Jalopy at 88mph.

AAAAH! - Fall 1000 feet.

U Can't Touch This - Kill 50 manhacks while underwater.

Combine Harvester - Kill 100 Combine NPCs.

Conference - Listen to a microphone discussion with 4 or more players.

Dedicated - Play on singleplayer on the same map for three hours straight.

Disestablishmentarian - Possess an admin weapon without being an admin.

Duckhunt - Kill 200 flying NPCs (manhacks, scanners, birds) with the shotgun.

Dukes Of Hazzard - Jump 100 feet in a jeep/jalopy.

Engineer - Get rated 'builder' 50 times.

Heavy Lifting - Pick up a total of 20 different props with the physics gun, in multiplayer.

I Don't Like Walking - Spend a total of 10 hours in noclip.

Loner - Spend a total of one hour away from other players.

Meeting The Locals - Spot 100 different players.

Overkill - Kill 100 manhacks with the RPG.

Pale - Spend a total of 1 hour in low light conditions.

Party-Pooped - Get killed five times by balloons.

Pest Control - Kill 500 NPCs with the crowbar.

Poor Mans' Sniper - Use the 357 to shoot and kill another player more than 100m away.

Punchbag - Take 10000 damage.

Roadkill - Get run over 100 times.

Rush Hour - Travel at 100mph in a vehicle.

Scavenger - Pick up 5000 units of ammunition.

Server Browser - Visit 100 different servers.

Shut Up! - Say 10000 lines in chat.

Smash - Directly break 2500 props.

Starship Trooper - Kill 200 antlions.

Strong Knees - Crouch 1000 times total.

The Proclaimers - Walk 31680000 inches.

That's Not A Toilet - Die by props 50 times.

Tourist - Play a total of 20 different maps.

Traitor - Kill 200 citizens/medics/rebels/refugees.

Airboat Frenzy - Enter 100 Airboats.

Airtime - Spend 5 total minutes off the ground in a vehicle.

Camera Man - Bring out your camera 100 times.

Chatter Box - Listen to 1 hour of microphone discussion.

Girl Power - Get set the colour pink by another player 3 times.

Head Humper - Kill 100 Headcrab NPCs.

Hoard Control - Kill 100 Zombie NPCs.

Jalopy Frenzy - Enter 100 Jalopies.

Jeep Frenzy - Enter 100 Jeep.

Loved By All - Get rated 'love' 50 times.

Mr Sheen - Get set the material shiny white by another player 3 times.

Master Swimmer - Swim underwater for 5 minutes.

Pancake - Die 50 times by getting crushed.

Photographer - Take 20 photographs with the camera.

Skippy - Jump 1000 times total.

Submerged - Be submerged underwater inside a vehicle for 2 total hours.

Torched - Die by fire 50 times.

I Do Like Walking - Spend a total of 10 hours on the ground.

Naughty - Get rated 'naughty' 50 times.

Playtime - Twelve Hours - Spend a total of twelve hours playing GMod.

Playtime - One Day - Spend a total of one day (24h) playing GMod.

Playtime - One Week - Spend a total of one week (168h) playing GMod.

Mod Dependent: (These will only show up if you have the mod or are playing the gamemode)

Prop Hunt: Camouflage - Win 10 rounds as a prop on Prop Hunt.

LS: Suffocation - Run out of air with Life Support 2.

Zombie Survival: Brain Eater - Get into the top 5 damage to humans list 5 times.

Zombie Survival: Hoard Leader - Get into the top 5 zombies list 5 times.

Zombie Survival: Master Blaster - Get into the top 5 damage to zombies list 5 times.

Zombie Survival: Reincarnate - Redeem yourself 5 times in Zombie Survival.

Zombie Survival: Survivor - Get into the top 5 survival list 5 times.

Преводить названия и описания достижений не имеет смысла так как в игре всё равно на всё английском.

Как добавить новые достижения?

Небольшая инструкция:

achievements.Register( name, description, image, percent (fraction), status text )

Вызывается при загрузке достижения, регистрирует основную информацию в гмоде.

achievements.Update( name, percent, status text )

Обновления прогресс-бара

achievements.SetValue( achievement name, value name, value )

Сохряняет величину в SQLite для дальнейшего использования.

achievements.GetValue( achievement name, value name, default )

Получает сохраннённые данные.

Console commands:

achievements - Показать меню с достижениями.

achievements_reset - Сбросить все достижения.

achievements_reload - Перезагрузить все достижения.





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