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Dominion 1.1 нинзяфикс клайма

В связи с недавними событиями, описанными в этом посте ССР в первую очередь фиксит механику TCU, затем внесёт суперкариеры, бывшие мазершипы, к ним добавятся файтер бомберы.

Установка будет произведена в четверг 21 января с 07:00 GMT (10.00 по Москве) и закончится, ориентировочно, в 13:00 GMT (16.00 по Москве).

Сам патчнотис(пока на английском)



* Motherships are a thing of the past and are now known as Supercarriers. These frontline behemoths will retain their former hulls which are the Aeon (Amarr), Hel (Minmatar), Nyx (Gallente) and Wyvern (Caldari). Supercarriers will receive a massive boost to hit points and can now field Fighter Bombers.


* New fighter bomber drones have been added which can be used by Supercarriers. Fighter Bombers have to be directly controlled by the Supercarrier’s pilot, unlike standard fighters, and cannot be delegated to anyone else. They are meaner versions of fighters with more hit points and field compact citadel torpedoes against their targets. Blueprints for the new bombers will be available from CreoDron stations.


* The Fighter Bomber skill book has now been seeded and will need to be trained in order for Supercarrier pilots to deploy Fighter Bombers.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

* Voice fonts have now been added to EVE Voice. This new feature will allow you to alter your voice during chat to increase or lower pitch or to change from male to female voices. This is certainly not going to be abused in any way.



* Dreadnoughts, Carriers or Rorquals: when using their appropriate special module, such as the siege module, triage module or industrial core, they will have a much higher mass when these modules are active. This will limit the effect of bumping stationary ships.

* Supercarrier base jump range has been increased to 5 light years.

* Supercarriers can no longer fit and use jump clone bays.

* Supercarrier shield, armor and structure hit points have been increased greatly for their new frontline role.

* Naglfar secondary bonus has been changed from a Launcher Rate of Fire Bonus to a 5% Capital Projectile Rate of Fire Bonus.

* Signature Radius of all dreadnoughts has been increased to bring them in line with other capital ships.

* Astrometric Frigates now correctly get a bonus to the flight time of survey probes. This bonus is detailed in their description.

* The bonus to large hybrid damage on the Vindicator has been increased from 25% to 37.5%


* Triage modules have had their duration and fuel consumption halved.

Weapons & Ammunition

* Citadel Torpedoes and Citadel Cruise Missiles have been balanced with their turret counterparts to ensure they are doing the damage they are supposed to.

* XL turrets have been adjusted slightly to ensure their damage is balanced and to give the short range weapons a bit more range.

* Titans have had their damage bonuses balanced to ensure all the titans are doing similar levels of damage.


* The Laboratory Operation Skill can no longer be trained by characters on trial accounts.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

* Territorial Control Unit hit points have been doubled.

* The onlining time of the Territorial Control Unit has been reduced to 8 hours.

* The reinforcement variance on Conquerable Stations, Outposts and Infrastructure Hubs has been increased to a maximum of three hours.

* The hit points and resistances of Sovereignty Blockade Units has been increased to make them harder to kill and easier to repair.

* The signature radius on all Control Towers and starbase structures has been increased to a minimum signature radius of 2000.


* Some Amarr and Gallente “friendly” NPC's were fixed so they no longer attack players.

Agent's & Missions

* The mission “Informed Attack (4 of 5)” has been fixed. The target structure was previously invulnerable.

* “Cash Flow for Capsuleers (10 of 10)” will now display the correct NOC dialogue in the final room. In addition, structures will also no longer overlap.

* Deadspace areas now correctly spawn in the same solar system for the mission “Portal to War.”

* The cost of Blood Gamma small crystals has been reduced in the Loyalty Point store to bring it in line with other small Blood crystals.

* A missing line of text was added to a popup for the Anomaly Training Site.

Exploration & Deadspace

* Some changes have been made to the Regional Blood Raider Command Center, Regional Sansha Command Center, Regional Angel Command Center and Regional Guristas Command Center in regards to what triggers various waves.

* Several NPC’s were missing a description in the site “Port Maphanate.” These have now been added.

* Pop ups in the exploration site “Angel Annex” now correctly refer to Crok Crokan instead of Pat Wead.

Science & Industry

* The Caldari Outpost Platform now requires station docking bays as one of its manufacturing requirements similar to the other outpost platforms.


* The medium quality shader setting has been removed.

* Moons will now correctly occlude stations as intended.

User Interface

* Locked targets show a standings icon making it easier for remote repairing pilots to identify who they should be repairing and who they should be shooting more easily.

EVE Voice, Mail & Chat

* You can now read, unread or trash all mail messages at once via right click. This applies only to the mails available in your inbox (max. 1500 at a time). All mails that are not currently accessible from your inbox will not be affected by these actions.

* Notifications now contain links to various linkable items if they are written in the notification.

* New mailing list members can now be set to muted by default.

* Mail labels can now have colors assigned to them.

* You can no longer browse mail labels list with arrow keys.

* You can no longer multi-select entries in allowed/blocked/operator list in the chat channel settings.


* The in-game browser version was upgraded to version of Chromium.

* The Jukebox UI was overhauled.

* New wallet API functions have been added.

* The Jukebox now fully supports unicode characters in file names and ID tags.

* Ore mined by drones is now logged in the loot history of a fleet.

* The remote container view window now labels items in special cargo holds of ships.

* The map “Pilots in space” now counts correctly.



* Ships with a Covert Jump Portal Generator can now bridge to a Cynosural Generator Array as well as a Cynosural Field.

* Heavy ships will now properly align themselves towards their warp destination so no more warping sideways or backwards.


* If you jumped while in the process of recovering probes, those probes would be unrecoverable. This has now been fixed.

Weapons & Ammunition

* The descriptions for Radio and Multifrequency laser ammunition was changed to make the damage types, penalties and benefits more clear.


* Drones can now be used to attack Zephyrs in wormhole space.

Starbases, Outposts and Stations

* There is no longer a duplicate office shown when the owner of an outpost rents an office there.

* A bug where stations coming out of reinforced during downtime would incorrectly show the station as still reinforced was fixed.

* Owners of Territorial Control Units and sovereignty blockade units will now be correctly notified when the structures are under attack.


* You can no longer add NPCs that you can't interact with to your address book.

* You can no longer start a conversation with NPCs that you can't interact with.

Agent's & Missions

* An inversion between deadspace and non-deadspace warp To options has been corrected.

* The ship restrictions list in the mission details window now includes the current ship type that you are piloting.

User Interface

* The right-click menu of the View Source window in the in-game browser had extra, non-functional options which have now been removed.

* The "Split Stack" menu option is again available in your personal hangar and a corporation's station hangar.

* Moving and/or resizing the View Source window in the in-game browser should no longer stretch the page texture or cause the browser to become unresponsive.

* Declining a mission and requesting a new mission will now refresh the agent conversation window so that the mission details are consistent with the mission being offered.

* Rebooting the client after selecting a mission choice in the epic arc "The Paths That Are Hidden" will no longer cause the agent conversation window to appear blank.

* An issue where the HUD buttons would move around was fixed.

* A layout corruption of the character selection screen was fixed.

* The issue where the buddy list would be cleared on session changes was fixed.

* The overview now closes correctly on resetting while being stacked with other windows.

* The Selected Items window can now be minimized with the shortcut “minimize active window” like the other windows.

* Various columns and column headers got resized. This also fixed various issues with localized versions not fitting into the headers/columns.

* An issue with the search for outposts in People & Places was fixed.

* When scrolling the market too quickly the images would sometimes move to the wrong places. This will no longer happen.

* The buttons in the corp bulletin dialog now vanish when this window is collapsed.

* A dotted line indicating a column in People & Places was removed since there is no actual column.

* Drone settings window will be maximized when opened after being closed while minimized.

* Tutorial pointers are no longer removed when the windows get hidden with Ctrl+Tab.

* The search feature in the help window can be started by hitting enter.

* An issue where there overview was cleared while minimizing it was solved.

* The wormhole system sovereignty status is now correctly displayed as “Unclaimable.”

* A bug where the right click menu of the jukebox was missing if the jukebox button was grouped into accessories was fixed.

* In the Overview, when selecting “apply to ships & drones” only, backgrounds and colortags will correctly not include starbase structures.

* It is now possible to once more assign the spacebar as a shortcut key.

* Changed the settings on the Territorial Control Unit so that it no longer rotates in the preview mode; it now behaves identically to the (non-rotating) in-space model.

* Capitalized the word "Zephyr" in the description of the Prototype Iris Probe Launcher.

* Fixed a minor typographical error in the wallet orders tab.

* Fixed a typographical error in the description of the Civilian Salvager.

* Fixed a typographical error in Wrath cruise missiles and all variants.

* Fixed some inconsistent capitalization in the overview states filter.

EVE Voice. Mail & Chat

* You can now send mails to a character and a mailing list with the same name at the same time.

* You can no longer “apply” mailing list member settings when no members are selected.

* You can right-click a mail without selecting it.

* The option to right-click senders of mails is now available.

* An undesired vertical scroll bar was removed.

* The paging buttons in the mailing list member management are no longer available if there aren't enough members in the search result.

* The notifications of how many labels that have been applied or removed from how many mails no longer displays when done through the management dialog.

* The unread mail counter in the tool tips will update correctly.

* The subjects of anchoring alert notifications no longer break.

CONCORD & Killmails

* Killmails will now display more accurate damage totals from participants.

* Killmails will now be correctly generated in some situations where previously they were not.


* Fixed an issue where the caps lock key would become stuck and print in caps lock regardless of caps lock being active or not.

* Resolved a client hang when pressing CTRL+fn+F9.

* The client will now instantly recognize language input change instead of taking a few seconds like before. The issue relating to language input indicator persists.

* Alt-key combinations should now work properly again.

* Fixed a memory leak regarding sprite de-allocation.

* Fixed issues with multichannel audio devices, such as Bose Sound Companion 5 USB.

Localized Clients

* The message displayed when clearing the in-game browser cache fails has been translated in all localized clients.


* Clicking the right-click menu option "Open In New View" for a Knowledge Base article now opens the link in a new tab in the in-game browser.

* An exception was thrown when entering special characters in the in-game browser’s address bar. This has been fixed.

* The Show Info option now allows for unpublished items to be used.

* Lines that were commented out now persist in the prefs.ini file after client reboots.

* Extra URL validation has been added to the in-game browser when adding sites to the Trusted/Ignored list.

* Corrupt character settings no longer prevent the characters from logging in.

* A corrupt prefs.ini file no longer prevents the player from launching the game and logging in.

* Saving the browser cache location as blank no longer causes the in-game browser to crash.

* Changing languages in the client after adding comments in the prefs.ini file will no longer prevent the client from starting.

* In some cases remote repairing was not applying aggression correctly to the receiver of the repairs if they were committing crimes at the time. This has now been fixed.

* Asteroid belt celestial markers will no longer decloak ships

* CCP Tuxford can no longer shut down TQ on a whim.

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