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Angry Birds Parody Song

Adele посвятила песню такой замечательной губящей время, которые вы могли потратить на более полезные дела игре!

Смотрим! Наслаждаемся!

There’s a fight I’m having with this chair

Can’t seem to move my bum from here to over there.

Water glasses are strewn about the room

Got to make a plan to do the dishes soon

This cocaine ninja is smashing dishes

My drummer was naughty so I made him face the wall

I need to get up I need a shower

I can’t right now cuz

I’m Playing Angry Birds

(playing angry birds)

(hee -hee hee hee hee)

Can’t even stop to pee-ee-ee

(can’t even stop to pee)

(gotta do a number three)

I have to get three star-ee—ars

(boomerang pelicans)

(exploding parakeets)

And I’m playing it

(never seen a green pig)

it in my sleep

(bowling with my beak)

Red Birds yellow birds

and black ones that explode

Green pig a-holes gonna pay for what they stole

I’ve reset this level a hundred thousand times

This 99-cent app purchase is destroying my life

I see you laughing and bird harassing

(I’m gonna squish you)

(you stole my eggs from me)

It used to be a game but now it’s personal

(your pigpen’s gonna fall)

(I’m a kamikaze)

My back is itching my neck is twitching

I can’t stop wishing I was an Angry Bird

(wish I was an angry bird)

(I know it sounds absurd)

with feathers and a beak

(feathers and a beak)

(Tweedle deedle deetly deet)

I just laid a golden egg

(I just laid a golden egg)

(Feeling sick in the head)

Am I crazy or just free.

(now I’m finally free)

(to be what I wanna be)

Now I am an Angry Bird

A bird that has no feet

I’ll crash your party with my head

And I’m aimin’ aimin’ amin’, sayin


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